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Skyrim legendary difficulty glitchless 1:31:26 speedrun


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NEW RECORD (WR): http://youtu.be/kgY8MlS4Wa0 . Single-segment speedrun of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim played on the hardest difficulty on 27.3.2015 by quho aka knifechamber. Timing starts when you gain control of character and ends when Alduin is defeated in Sovngarde.

So many places where I made small mistakes :D. Many of those made me want to reset, such as missing dragonrend on Alduin 1 and using wait too early while whirlwind sprinting (especially at Ustengrav).. But in the end the run turned out to be really good.
Also Thalmor Embassy didn't go the way I had planned and that's why I kinda ran out of health at Alduin 1.

Glitchless means to complete the game without using any glitches. This is (to list some):
-No OOB and any kind of clipping
-No object jumping (bucket jump, yolo bucket)
-No use of quicksave/quickload for skipping dialogs
-No use of unlimited stamina (torch/qs&ql glitch)

For this reason for example I didn't get Throat of the world waypoint early on horse as it is quite impossible to get up there without clipping.

I use OBS for streaming at Twitch and Livesplit for splits. Game was played on the latest Steam version and no mods, cheats or console was used (aka Vanilla gameplay).
tags: any% wr walkthrough playthrough guide speed run HD no mod glitch exploit

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