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  • What is SpeedRun / TAS ?

    Hi eveyone !

    What is SpeedRun?

    The SpeedRun comes from the underground world, made by nerds of the video game.

    The goal is to finish a game as quickly as possible, avoiding as much as possible the enemies, non-essential checkpoints.

    It all started with the release of the game "DOOM" on PC in 1993 and the possibility of being able to save the game's runs.

    A competition between players started, to know WHO would go faster to complete the levels.

    This was followed by "Super Metroid" released in 1994 and making the genre "ultra popular" thanks to the physics of the game allowing a multitude of possibilities.

    The advent of the internet and video platforms has seen the genre EXPLODED! there are millions of videos on thousands of video games!

    Records of old games are still current, and world competitions are organized every year and bring together millions of people across the web.

    What is TAS?

    The TAS or "Tool-Assisted-Speedrund" is a way to run a game in a computer way, to the nearest frame!

    You chain the buttons to be pressed in the most optimal way possible.

    Where the speedrun is done manually, the CAS is fully assisted and requires hours and hours of run time to be "PERFECT-FRAME" and have the long-awaited rendering!

    The CAS being computer assisted, the record is much faster than on a SpeedRun.

    It was created via the DOOM game released in 1993 and using tools created by players.

    But it was especially popularized by the RUN of MARIO BROS finished in 3 minutes!


    What do you prefer: SpeedRun or TAS?

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