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[NEW 4.6 Abyss] THE ABSOLUTE LIMIT? 43s C0 Childe International Speedrun top half continuous

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=9+15+19 / 5.5 cost with C0 Kazuha
As of now world record.
Song: Long shot by Mayu Maeshima
This speedrun is possible thanks to the current abyss blessing:
"When a character triggers Vaporize, Overloaded, Melt, Burning, Burgeon, Pyro Swirl, or Pyro Crystallize reactions on an opponent, the opponent's All Elemental RES and Physical RES is reduced by 30% for 4s."
Basically free VV for multiwave, makes 12-3 not pain.
Sorry for a lot of booking but I wanted to push the absolute limits since I could.
Last run I have to balance with my school work for this year! It has been difficult, but I can get the year done peacefully now.

12-1 can be 8 seconds but I have to lag my pc artifically to make kenki not dash, so I don't wanna retry
12-2 can be 13 but you won't have full energy on 12-3
12-3 I don't know if 18 possible, I don't think so
Basically, this is the best run I have ever done lol

I ran 84 crit rate xiangling because I didn't wanna bald, but with 70 crit rate I could get 100k pyronado on 12-2 which is kinda hot.

I got extremely unlucky with abyss cards, took me 3 days to get a single 12-2 card and 4 days for 12-3. It's crazy. It's okay though atleast I got the run done.
Unlike last time there isn't too much to be said here, huh?

0:00 12-1
0:14 12-2
0:36 12-3
1:03 Builds

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