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Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style | Method Man (Story Mode) | Playstation (TAS)


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When the last master of the ancient kung-fu style of Wu-Tang, Master Xin, is kidnapped by the evil Mong Zhu, who plans on discovering the powerful secrets of Wu-Tang, Master Xin's students vow to track down Zhu and rescue their master.

The basis for the game's story and setting is the real-life rap group Wu-Tang Clan, featuring characters based on their stage personas and the martial arts themes of their music. Some members of the group also provided voiceover work for the game and made vocal and production contributions to the game's music.

Character used was Method Man (Awesome reach and damage) will all 36 Chambers (challenges) completed.

[Combo tips and useful game information can be found in the Wu Tang: Shaolin Style FAQ v3.0 by Professer Revolution: http://bit.ly/2vyBey0 ]
Chamber 1--Enter the first fighting area
Chamber 2--Defeat Courtyard Bonus Area
Chamber 3--Complete 2 Levels in a row without continuing
Chamber 4--Perform a 4 Hit combo
Chamber 5--Beat "Under the Bridge" level
Chamber 6--Complete 4 Levels in a row without continuing
Chamber 7--Perform a 5 Hit combo
Chamber 8--Perform a 6 Hit combo
Chamber 9--Perform a Swap Move([]+O)
Chamber 10--Perform a 7 Hit combo
Chamber 11--Perform an 8 Hit combo
Chamber 12--Perform a 9 Hit combo
Chamber 13--Perform 4 Throws in 1 match
Chamber 14--Perform Fatality 2
Chamber 15--Eliminate 3 enemies while "Powered Up"
Chamber 16--Block 5 enemy attacks in a row
Chamber 17--Beat Barge Bonus Area
Chamber 18--Evade all enemies for 15 seconds
Chamber 19--Use the Power Meter(all 4 face buttons when Meter is full)
Chamber 20--Beat Warehouse 1 Bonus Area
Chamber 21--Perform a Tech Roll(Block button as soon as you hit the ground)
Chamber 22--Beat Warehouse 2 Bonus Area
Chamber 23--Beat Chinatown Square Bonus Area
Chamber 24--Beat China Sewers Level
Chamber 25--Perform a 10 Hit combo
Chamber 26--Beat Airport Hangar Level
Chamber 27--Complete 1 Level without losing a life
Chamber 28--Perform Fatality 3
Chamber 29--Complete 6 Levels in a row without continuing
Chamber 30--Complete 8 Levels in a row without continuing
Chamber 31--Beat Forgotten Temple Level
Chamber 32--Beat Shaolin Temple Level(Lei Gong)
Chamber 33--Complete 10 Levels in a row without continuing
Chamber 34--Perform Fatality 4
Chamber 35--Eliminate an enemy without losing any energy
Chamber 36--Beat Mong Zhu(Inner Sanctum, must have all other Chambers open)

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