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[WR] DBZ Budokai 3 - Broly's DU Any% Speedrun on Z3 (6m51s)

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After warming up my hands with Very Easy, I went straight for NG Z3 Broly's Dragon Universe.

Not gonna lie, I totally forgot how hard Z3 difficulty is! I had plenty of close calls, not only specifically here, but also in my other attempts as well. I also decided to take a very risky path, because usually people who play New Game on Z3 tend to boost HP / Ki / Atk / Def altogether, instead I preferred a glass cannon build with maxed out Arts and Attack.
A full Arts path from the start could work better, I guess, but in my attempts this build has always been more reliable.

About my capsules set up, I chose 2 "Blaster Shell" as main - boosted - attack, "Kakarot's crying" to pump up more BS but also do some physical damage, "Turtle Shell" to avoid Z3 CPU teleporting away from my BS spam and "Viral Heart Disease" to do most of the job, saving me the trouble.
On NG Z3, every match is difficult, even if in different ways:
1) Videl's fight is basically stalling her to make VHD do all the work. Having 0 Atk and Arts against a lv140 opponent means you'll do pitiful damage, while almost every attack of her will be fatal. It's unnerving to be so weak, expecially when you're going for the fastest time. The only easy part is that she can't teleport from juggles nor BS spam.
2) Kid Trunks is a pain in the ass, mostly because he's so short. I managed to get an even fight by using RBD at the start of the match and battle mid-air. Still, his sudden transformations and "Double Buster" are a lethal combination. The only advantage is that, if you manage to avoid his point blank transformation, you can basically get a free Blaster Shell in.
3) Same goes for Goten, who also happens to have "Charge!" attack. If you get hit by just one of those, is basically game over. Which happens more often than you might think, because Broly is so damn big...
4) Gohan I can be tricked twice into the "TransformIntoBlasterShell" exploit, but you have to be careful to not get interrupted by a transformation at point blank, or his KH/SDS can stop your run dead in its tracks.
5) Gohan II can be tricked even thrice into "TIBS", but his sudden Ultimates make him even more dangerous.

In the end, even if I made several mistakes and didn't got the RNG I hoped, I got a nice 6m51s43. I'm sure that a max Arts build with less mistakes can bring this time down to 6m40s, if not even less.
Counting frames on my video-editor, I also established that my IGT loadless time is 5m35s37. I wish I had the time and patience to do better, but for now I'll settle down and enjoy my new World Record. :D

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