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WORLD'S FASTEST Hello Neighbor Speed Run! | Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 Speed Run!


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Hello Neighbour Is A New Game Coming Out In The Summer Of 2017! This Is The Alpha 1 Version Of The Game! | World's Fastest Speed Run From Leaving Our House! | How To Solve The Puzzles In Our Nieghbor's House!

Find out how smart and cunning Artificial Intelligence can be!

“Hello, Neighbour!” is a brand new first-person tactic puzzle with Artificial Intelligence as an opponent.
We think that modern games lack deployment of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore we decided to change the situation and create a truly smart opponent who will be able to:
Learn by himself
Study player’s tactics
Undertake counter-actions
Remember player’s decisions
Make plans
The mysterious and unpredictable game plot will make it fun trying to unveil secrets of the game.

How well do you know those living next door?

You’ll have to move in a new house with a neighbour looking quite commonly. But appearances can be deceiving!
Welcome to a small world where you’ll be able to try and save somebody…or yourself!
The game is set in in a small countryside where you’ve recently moved to. You are an ordinary resident... aren't you?
You have a neighbour living across the road. Who is he? You don’t know. Why has he nailed up the basement door? Does he hold someone a prisoner? Maybe a monster? Or maybe the door was just grating? Anyway, it’s not your business! At least, your Neighbour thinks so.
Your goal is to clear up the mystery no matter what! During the game the Neighbour studies a player’s tactics and tries to predict it. He’ll go all lengths to keep his secrets.

Your opponent is attentive and curious. Don’t let him catch you! Be careful: he learns from your mistakes!

You can explore: your own house, the local area and your Neighbour’s house. Your house is your private territory. You are in safety here. The Neighbour’s house is quite opposite. Firstly, his house is bigger than yours. Much bigger! Secondly, the Neighbour will not let you walk around his house and certainly come in. And it’s out of question to see over the WHOLE manor!
The basement is the Neighbour’s dead secret! You’ll win as soon as you get into it! But… It doesn’t look like an easy victory! We are creating the best secrets keeper – and he is able to solve any task!
And the main question…
Will you be able to unveil the secret and put your own intelligence up against the artificial one?

There are many objects on a game map. Everything you see can be used whatsoever. The only limitation is your imagination and creativity. You can carry, throw, turn on and off any item. You can do everything you want. The outside world will become your tool to counteract the Artificial Intelligence.The main thing is that you can use these items as intended as well. You can catapult with a sling, boil up a kettle and hide yourself in a fridge.

Fast facts

Our biggest pride and your biggest challenge is the Neighbour. We tried to create a truly smart AI that can study during the game. He can see, hear and he remembers everything.

His main goal is to protect his secrets. And he’ll do his best to do that.

The Neighbour doesn’t only study your tactics; he can build up his “castle”. He’ll try to secure his territory protecting the most vulnerable spots, those he has less control over. As mentioned above, you can use any item around. The Neighbour can as well!
The opponent can apply everything he “virtually” sees against you. Be sure – he’ll do that! The Neighbour can make up traps out of the stuff around. He’ll find a way to prevent you from using your favourite tactics. Any your wrong decision will turn against you in future!

The longer you play – the smarter and more experienced the Neighbour becomes. And the more difficult it is to win.

He keeps an eye on you!

You move into a brand new suburb and notice your neighbor is hiding something in his basement. The only logical thing to do is to break into his house and figure out what he's hiding.

Stealth Horror
Procedural AI
Pixar-style visuals
Extremely tense gameplay

The game is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 and is coming to PC Summer 2017.

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