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(World Record) Halo 4 "Shutdown" Legendary Speedrun RTA 4:09


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This video reveals my (World Record) Legendary Speedrun of RTA 4:09 for the Halo 4 mission known as "Shutdown." The video begins by showcasing the entire play-through without commentary in an effort to allow viewers to grasp an idea of what I eventually talk about. Once the first full play-through has finished, I then take viewers on a step-by-step detailed tutorial of how to go about utilizing specific tips and tricks in order to break the world record.

Begin by getting into the Pelican at 18.5 seconds and immediately head to the mission's last tower. In order to enter this tower efficiently, fly in a straight line once you've exited the Pelican tunnel and hook your way into the entrance using the instructions mentioned in the video. Once inside, make your way towards the first gravity lift. To perform the "Bridge Launch" located in the next room, make sure to have practiced the angle at which your need to take in order to land it. Once across, enter the second gravity lift. At the top of it, you need to sprint off to the left in the effort to avoid an elite noticing you. If done correctly, you should be able to enter the Banshee without taking any damage. At this point you simply fly directly to the door located on the opposite side of the room. If possible, try exiting your Banshee in a manner that lands you behind cover. This increases your chances of survival, but also allows you to pick up momentum while sprinting through the doorway. After a brief dialogue scene with Cortana, use the instructions indicated by the video in order to quickly drop Master Chief over the lip of the final platform. This triggers the end of the mission rather quickly and might even perhaps save time.

Be sure to check out http://haloruns.com/ for much more information regarding the Halo Speedrun Community. There you will find all of the World-Records for Halo speedrunning separated by Full-Game and Individual Level.

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