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Ultimate Doom: The Shores of Hell (Episode 2) - Ultra-Violence Speedrun in 3:04 (3:44)

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Runner: Zero-Master
IWAD: Doom.wad
Category: UV-Speed
Map: Episode 2 (E2M1-E2M8)
Source Port: Crispy Doom v5.9.2
Time Without E2M8: 3:04
Time With E2M8: 3:44
Level Map - Time ep2-0306
Deimos Anomaly E2M1 - 0:38.11 :) +0:01
Containment Area E2M2 - 0:16.20 :) +0:01
Refinery E2M3 - 0:27.00 :) -0:06
Deimos Lab E2M4 - 0:42.89 :( +0:02
Command Center E2M5 - 0:31.09 :| -0:01
Halls of the Damned E2M6 - 0:18.94 :) +0:01
Spawning Vats E2M7 - 0:12.14 :) 0m00s
Tower of Babel E2M8 - 0:40.40
Total - 3:44
E2M8 comparison is not relevant. E2M1-E2M7 time is improved by 2 seconds.
The reason E2M8 is not included is because dos version does not display the time for the final map. Even though that is no longer relevant as sourceports can determine the time, the convention is still kept.

Includes the new E2M3 void glide. It's possible to beat this time without it, but it saves too much time compared to the old route.

E2M1: I'm happy with 38 seconds, this level is mostly luck based and all about getting past the pinky demons. Got past smoothly this time so a shame I didn't do better and get a 37.

E2M2: 16 seconds is very common for me.

E2M3: Good void glide, switch press was ok at best, could have been better or it could have been much worse.

E2M4: I'd be happy with 41 seconds, this is a pretty easy level so 42 seconds is bad. I did miss the switch near the end here, but I don't think it cost any time since I got .89.

E2M5: Should be getting 30 seconds here, was close.

E2M6: Very surprised to get 18 seconds after not managing to get the wobble first try. I lose 1 second to depr4vity, but 18 seconds is a really good time still.

E2M7: Good start, being a bit slow with the rocket jump cost me a second, but making sure I got the jump was more important.

E2M8: Didn't miss too many rockets while playing it safe, so that's good. You can get about 23 seconds here with the plasma ammo from e2m2 which costs 5 seconds to grab, so e2m1-e2m8 time would be roughly 12 seconds faster using that route.

Overall a bit disappointed that 5 out of 7 levels were quite close to being a second faster, but this run is really all about getting those 2 void glides quickly and activating the exit from the void without losing too much time, so I'll take it.

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