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(TAS) Splatterhouse 2 - Tool Assisted Speedrun [14:22.243]

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This was a collaboration between myself and ezgames69 after finding out a pretty significant improvement over the previous TAS of his. To clarify, this is not a live run done on an actual console like I usually upload; this is a TAS (tool assisted speedrun), which is a run done on emulator where you do inputs frame by frame, effectively trying to achieve a theoretical "best possible" time. You can pretty much have your character do everything frame perfectly, mash multiple buttons at inhuman speeds, and manipulate luck events to be perfect in every scenario through your inputs.

So it's no secret that I've been doing a bunch of attempts on this game recently, as well as trying to figure out strategies to help lower the time. Recently, I woke up and had an idea that I pretty much had to test immediately, which was if it were possible to kill the worm miniboss at the end of stage 6 with a standing punch chained into a jump. I had suspicions that since the current TAS didn't do it, that it probably wasn't possible to reach him, but somehow, it killed him sooner!

This improves the TAS by 43 frames, so I collaborated with ezgames69 to try to find more improvements. We went back and forth on a few revisions, but this ended up with us having to resync the TAS so that the slightly different random positions of the ghosts in stage 4 room 1 were accounted for. This in turn, led ezgames to discover another pretty huge time save in terms of kicking away from the loading zones to extend the hitbox backwards in order for the screen to fade sooner!

Ezgames69 uploaded a comparison video that chronicles all the changes between the current TAS and the new one. You can check that out here if you want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=002f60LPBkU

Anyways, enjoy!

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