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[TAS] Rockman EXE 4 Blue Moon in 1:33:24.754

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Re-Upload with fixed audio!

My Thoughts:
Tutorial 2 could look cleaner, but is already fast.

Tutorial 3 could potentially be faster if I countered the first Mettaur instead of the second, because it would attack sooner resulting in less down time.

Collected a few chips that I never ended up using or foddering due to bad chip trader windows.

Should try to pick up Airshot * in ACDC 1 for use in the Junkman fight.

Pick up Tornado (and Boomer?) on the first trip to Town Area for use on the stereo fight and prelim gauntlet.

Could have hit Shademan a few frames faster on some of the buster shots.

Can probably pick up at least one of the chip trader chips I need while in Higsby's shop, since in a rewrite I'd have already edited the folder and will have 3-4 spare chips.

Name entry is fun, but in a rewrite I would favor max speed and skip it.

Slow Heel Navi fight. CopyDmg/Boomer? CopyDmg/WideSwrd?

Prelim gauntlet could be much faster with a folder edit having been done.

Ghost Navi fights could be faster with better stacking.

With both LifeSwrd and Tornado I could do at least Normal Navi and Spoutman in one edit.

Counting Sparkman code inputs to make sure I get the fastest code is a good idea.

Stack Sparkman and Town 3 gauntlet in one edit? Maybe even RAEJDUK?

Stacking ToyRobo for fast fights with one edit should be easy with the lotto chips.

Plan and test lots of different routes for 50pts to see what is actually optimal. Skipping the 4pt fight and 1 other point is probably better than skipping rock paper scissors.

Zenny route was very sloppy. Most efficient GMDs are in later areas, though at least 1000z in park is necessary. I should also look much harder for an Atk+10 GMD in Park Area to save menuing during the Duo folder edit.

Junkman can be killed much faster with a * code chip, Areagrab and LifeSwrd.

The rest of the run is solid.

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