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[TAS] Mario Party 2 - 72 Stars in 50 Turns

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This is a TAS that I made where I attempted to do the 99 star Boo Softlock. I could only get 72 stars so I wasn't able to do the softlock.
The Boo Softlock is a softlock in Mario Party 1, & Mario Party 2. This softlock is achieved when a computer player has 99 stars and over 50 coins and visits a Boo. When this happens the computer player tries to pick steal a star but the option is blacked out so it cannot be picked. This Softlocks the game. This softlock has never been achieved without cheats so I am offering a $500 Bounty for it.

Mario Party Softlock $500 Bounty

Snooplax Discord

1. Whoever can softlock Mario party 1 or Mario Party 2,using the boo softlock in the fewest turns will receive the bounty

The bounty is $500 USD via Paypal from Snooplax

2. On March 31 2021 whoever has completed the softlock in the fewest turns will receive the Bounty

3. If on March 31 2021 nobody is able to achieve the softlock then
It will be extended another year to March 31 2022 where the first person to complete the softlock will get the bounty.

4. Once the softlock is achieved send me an Input log file of the tas through discord

5. Emulator does not matter as long as the input file will
work with an NTSC version of the game.



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