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Speedrunning with an AK-47 - 27:09

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An Any% No Major Glitches speedrun of the game using the Hollow Point (Gun Mod) and Quality of Life (to re-enable inventory dropping) mods. The Quality of Life mod makes some other changes to speed up the game which should be pretty obvious when you see them.

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The QoL mod is kind of cheaty for a speedrun, but I didn't want to have to re-learn muscle memory in different spots just because current patch sucks... and it's a gun mod run anyway, so I doubt anyone will really mind.

I iterated on this route a lot and it ended up being pretty challenging. Fury of the Fallen is a great charm with this mod as it significantly increases your fire rate, even without being at 1HP. It has the downside of doubling your damage taken, however, which is deadly when overcharmed, causing you to take four damage when hit. I went straight to Mothwing Cloak for the dash timesave, then to Mantis Claw and Dashmaster. Claw is not skippable. Dashmaster is needed to skip the regular CDash/Isma's requirement of the run, otherwise you won't have enough soul to skip the acid again after Monomon and will softlock the run as far as I can tell.

The bosses went alright, but THK gave me some insanely bad RNG. With this mod, THK is invincible to bullets while he is doing most attacks, and dashes are one of the worse attacks you can get. Furthermore, the time to switch weapons has a long delay, AND you can't stagger him with the gun. The fight is just extremely awkward and could've taken literally half the time with better RNG, but oh well. I missed the Uumuu 1 cycle which was sad. Watcher Knights also gave me kinda bad RNG.

Overall it was pretty interesting. 25:XX is super possible for this run though.

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