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Sonic Battle - Cream's Story Speedrun in 22:49 [Current World Record]

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Well, this game has got a bit of competition recently. I decided I wanted to do one of the single stories and get a record back. Picked Cream because...honestly, I thought it was the weakest record (but also because Cream is OP). This thought proved to be true.

There's a fairly large amount of luck when it comes to these runs, so I don't see myself grinding them out too far. For those who don't know, the blue gauge at the top left when battling (the Ichikoro Gauge) makes it so your next special move is an insta-kill if it connects. This is especially important for the Emerl fights, as he can use his aerial special for the insta and then cancel it by hitting the ground without using it up (and you are restricted to default Emerl for single story runs, who is bad, meaning this is how he has to get his kills)

There are 4 ways to build up this gauge;
1) Healing. Emerl's default heal is garbage so barely does anything, but it does something. Cream's heal is OP as fuck.
2) Getting hit. This increases it a little, but still not very much.
3) Blocking. This increases it a fair bit more, and is a main method for Emerl. It's very difficult to block the AI since it's so random, but it's used all the time to block the Gamma explosions after a death.
4) Rebounding off walls. This increases by a lot, so the fastest way to get gauge as Emerl is to actually get hit away and rebound. This is hard though, as them hitting you away is also random. This is also the reason why I pause sometimes, because to rebound you have to be holding the opposite direction, so it's to see which direction I get hit to adjust before I hit the wall.

This run was alright for the time I put into it. Happy enough. Jap text is used cause it's faster.

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