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Sonic Advance 3: Extreem Manseckz (GBA) - TAS in 1:07:51

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A tool assisted speedrun for the hack of Sonic Advance 3 is Sonic Advance 3: Extreem Manseckz (original TAS Sonic Advance 3) by Dashjump.

Sonic Advance 3: Extreem Manseckz is a hack of Sonic Advance 3 created by Heran_Bago and SGR. It is a small text and sprite hack, known for "being the only hack that can make SA3 even gayer". Edits include giving Tails an ass hole (he already had one), changing various level and area names (Porno Prefecture, Notable Nipples, etc), revamping the sound test and menus, and completely redubbing all voice actors. Many other edits are unmentionable. Currently frozen in progress. The authors do not know if they are going to continue it as of yet.

TAS information: http://tasvideos.org/3419M.html

Download: http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_Advance_3:_Extreem_Manseckz

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