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RLCraft Hardcore but Speedrun! I Will Not Surrender!

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RLCraft Hardcore but I try to speedrun! The first day I tried to get a good seed and it ended up making me go through 56 worlds in 6 hours, and on on the second day, I managed to get some great spawns without trying, but I ended up dying to Sea Serpants, Dragons, suffocation, and at the end, lag! On the third day, I am more focused than ever, having tasted near smooth sailing in my last attempt! I was minutes away from complete safety, where end game would have been assured! After over 7 hours of going full speed though, I made a mistake and underestimated my surroundings, which lead to a laggy death! Hopefully I can get it on my first try this time, so fatigure doesn't set in until I am more geared and protected! I have a good feeling about the stream! In the meantime, I will continue to research baubles to try to bring you guys as accurate a tier list video as possible, but it is turning out to be a larger project than expected! Until tomorrow, for some more speedrun attempts! I was hoping I would succeed on day 1 so I could pop out a video on speedrunning RLCraft, but as it turns out, updated ice and fire and spartan fire makes dragons and sea serpants more frightening than I had previously anticipated! Now after learning from some mistakes though, I finally think I am truly ready to cruise my way to a victory screen!

Discord to catch my updates: https://discord.gg/Ymk6fFs
DLive to catch my other chats perspective: https://dlive.tv/Casualty
I made a Twitch Yesterday! Feel free to toss a follow if you like Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/cosuaity

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