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Resident Evil 2 Speed Run Spawns 2 Mr. X Tyrants

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Video courtesy of BeastGamingHD → http://bit.ly/2MW8YfP

We all know by now that Mr. X from the Resident Evil 2 remake is scary, but what’s scarier is when a Resident Evil 2 speed run spawns two Mr. X tryants out of nowhere. YouTuber BeastGamingHD was attempting a speed run of the game in hardcore mode, aiming to get an S+ rank when he ran into the double trouble. This meant that he had to play through the game as fast as he could with no saves. He was doing pretty well with his attempt until the game glitched in the worst possible way by sending two Mr. X’s at him. One Mr. X is brutal enough, given that he’s a nigh unkillable monster that stomps around your fear and echoes in your nightmares, hunting you down wherever you are. BeastGamingHD takes on the challenge and attempts to fight both of Resident Evil 2’s Big Bads.

We can all agree that Mr. X is a terrifying addition to the Resident Evil 2 remake, so we can only imagine the horror that we’d feel if we saw, or even HEARD, two of those monsters with their heavy boots stomping around the halls of Raccoon City Police Department. Attempting a speed run is rough enough on the Hardcore difficulty, but trying to get S+ rank while evading two Mr. X’s is probably impossible. Check out the video below and try to keep the Mr. X duo out of your nightmares!

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