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Portal Speedrun (Out of Bounds) in 7:21 (World Record)

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world record as of 11/7/18, this time also was the last world record i needed to take to have world record in all four portal categories.
leaderboards: https://www.speedrun.com/Portal#Out_of_Bounds

Q: That looks like a cheat!
A: Its probably a glitch, read more about them here: https://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Category:Portal

Q: Why does the run start at 53.01?
A: This is the use of something we call "vault save," essentially, the first 57 seconds of the game, the player is stuck in a vault and cannot do anything. Because no inputs are required for these 57 seconds, the portal speedrunning community came to a consensus that it would be reasonable to skip the start by loading a save. The use of this save does not invalidate the run in any way.

This category actually sucks - I'll take whatever time is WR :)

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