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Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire speedrun (26:25) (Path of the Damned, with Blessings)

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For the people who do read descriptions:
Blessings are mainly used because they make the run less tedious: they mainly cut down on time spent duping gold. It'd take several minutes longer to obtain 105,000 gold without the Blessings.

Path of the Damned is maybe a couple seconds faster than easy because you can lose the boat fight so quickly. Downside is the dragons at Ashen Maw being a lot more annoying, but it's worth it.

Some run comments:

Killing Eder at the start is required to stop him from joining the group. If he does join, the Digsite becomes a lot more tricky to get through.
The other two can join to give more stuff to sell.

The duping is as simple as stealing your stuff back off the vendor's racks, which for some reason count as her inventory, and this game has no proper penalty for stealing 'public' items.

To reach Ukaizo, you need a fully upgraded ship (104,500 gold). You also need a helmsman, but the ship goes faster with 5 crew and they're free anyway.

But you must visit Ashen Maw first, otherwise you cannot land in Ukaizo at all, for no apparent reason. You can reach it, but you can't enter the island. It's weird.

In Ashen Maw, there's a couple small cutscenes of the volcano rumbling that do not trigger if you're in combat while passing. I skipped two of them with proper Smokescreen timing. Also, there's a dragon that doesn't aggro if you stealth.

This run wasted a couple seconds on a few missclicks, pauses, and the stupid mayor refusing to talk to me, but it was pretty smooth.

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