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Paper Mario Challenge Speedrun: Chapter 3 [Level 1, Partnerless, Action Commandless]


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For clarification, this isn't truly Low% by definition, as it would be incredibly boring to skip things such as Mega Rush and spend 22 turns attacking Tubba's Heart. Instead, this challenge combines minimalist elements while still being an entertaining playthrough.

Ever since we managed to "unlock" Goompa as a permanent party member using glitches, I began experimenting with "partnerless" challenges. Paper Mario is not a difficult game, but if the player chooses to limit themselves from helpful gameplay elements, (badges, for example) that's a different story.

While I have done this RTA, I decided it would be much more interesting if optimized to theoretical perfection. In that case, more glitches are used, and a much riskier route can be taken. The route can be found here, but will spoil parts of the speedrun: http://pastebin.com/D7vbDFfG

Chapter 3 is the only section of the game that can be completed entirely partnerless, as a number of glitches allows us to skip using them. By doing Log Skip or Black Toad Skip, it's possible to skip obtaining the Lucky Star, making it impossible to do the Action Command. By only doing required fights, we can complete every battle up to and including Tubba Blubba while at Level 1. Combined, it makes for a pretty impressive challenge run.

Of course, not being a RTA run, I had to record it differently, and game audio did not sync up unfortunately. I tried to match in-game music as best I could, but until I lay down some commentary on this speedrun, it does seem to be missing something.

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