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Ocarina of Time Max% Child Speedrun in 5:54:24

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Max% Child is a challenge category where you have to get as much stuff as possible without ever becoming adult. This makes use of lots of cool glitches to enable child to get stuff that should be exclusive to adult.

This has source priority for collecting items, which means if you CAN get something from source then you need to, but if something is only possible to get not from source, then it still counts.

In addition to all the normal stuff that would count in 100%, this category also counts maps, compasses, boss keys, and and extra normally unobtainable items (like the extra heart pieces) since they add extra interesting things for child to collect.

This is a category that changes over time as more discoveries make it possible to get more items. Since the last time I ran this category 5 years ago, several new items have been added, like: Nocturne, Forest Temple Compass, Volvagia Heart Container, Lake Hylia lab gold skulltula, Broken Goron's Sword, Spirit Medallion, Zora Tunic (from source). The last 3 of those were found just in the last few weeks.

Full list of items you can get:
Deku Stick
Deku Nuts
Fire Arrows (not from source)
Din's Fire
Fairy Slingshot
Fairy Ocarina
Ocarina of Time
Ice Arrow
Farore's Wind
Lens of Truth
Magic Bean
Megaton Hammer
Light Arrow (not from source)
Nayru's Love
Bottle 1
Bottle 2
Bottle 3 (not from source)
Bottle 4
Adult trade item (Broken Goron's Sword)
Child trade item (Mask of Truth)
Kokiri Sword
Master Sword
Giant Knife (not from source)
Kokiri Shield
Hylian Shield
Mirror Shield
Goron Tunic (not from source)
Zora Tunic
Iron Boots
Hover Boots
Stone of Agony
Gerudo's Card

Bullet Bag 40
Bullet Bag 50
Bomb Bag 30
Bomb Bag 40
Goron Bracelet
Silver Gauntlet
Golden Gauntlet
Silver Scale
Golden Scale
Deku Stick upgrade 20
Deku Stick upgrade 30
Deku Nuts upgrade 30
Deku Nuts upgrade 40
Quiver 30
Adult Wallet
Giant Wallet

Zelda's Lullaby
Epona's Song
Saria's Song
Sun's Song
Song of Time

Medallions & Stones:
Forest Medallion
Fire Medallion
Water Medallion
Shadow Medallion
Spirit Medallion (not from source)
Kokiri Emerald
Goron Ruby
Zora Sapphire

80 Gold Skulltulas Tokens
7 Heart Containers
31 Heart Pieces
10 Maps
10 Compasses
6 Boss Keys
Double Magic
Double Defense

***Items that are currently NOT possible to get***:

20 Gold Skulltulas
6 heart Pieces
Twinrova Heart Container
Double Defense
Song of Storms, Minuet, Bolero, Serenade, Prelude
Light Medallion
Biggoron's Sword
Both quiver upgrades
Adult Trade item higher than Broken Goron's Sword

Start: 0:00
Bottom of the Well (1st trip): 10:03
Hyrule Castle: 14:42
Deku Tree: 22:44
Light Arrow GIM Setup: 26:03
Goron City/Death Mountain: 30:41
Dodongo's Cavern: 37:04
Dampe Start: 51:03
Dampe HP: 58:04
Zora's Domain/Fishing: 1:09:19
Zora Tunic: 1:14:55
Jabu (1st Trip): 1:18:19
Entering Ice Cavern: 1:25:08
Ice Cavern: 1:27:09
Multiple Kakariko Glitches: 1:38:24
Lon Lon: 1:42:05
Jabu 2nd Trip: 1:51:37
Jabu to King Dodongo Wrong Warp: 1:54:19
Wrong Warp To Nocturne: 1:57:58
Deku 2nd Trip: 2:07:57
Deku Wrong Warp: 2:09:30
Castle Collapse void warp to steal the timer: 2:11:10
Lake Hylia Lab Wrong Warp: 2:19:40
Entering Water Temple: 2:24:27
Water Temple Start: 2:26:46
Water Temple Elevator Room: 2:35:42
Water Temple Whirlpool room: 2:40:00
Water Temple Boss Key: 2:46:19
Morpha: 2:50:45
Gerudo Fortress/Training Grounds: 3:02:11
Wasteland/Colossus: 3:12:08
Shadow Temple: 3:18:44
Getting on the Boat: 3:29:26
Bongo/Cutscene skip: 3:34:12
Bottom of the Well 2nd trip: 3:37:49
Goron Tunic GIM Setup: 3:39:55
Mask/RBA stuff: 3:47:20
Entering Forest Temple: 3:53:20
Forest Temple: 3:54:15
Phantom Ganon: 4:09:10
Spirit Temple: 4:15:35
Setting up for the big guay hover for fire arrows: 4:30:38
First Big Hover Starts: 4:38:45
The Megaflip: 5:03:35
2nd Hover Start: 5:05:08
2nd Megaflip/Getting Fire Arrows: 5:19:45
Fire Temple: 5:28:51
Hammer: 5:40:28
Volvagia: 5:44:32
Fire Temple to Ganons Castle Wrong Warp: 5:46:06
Setup for Golden Gauntlets: 5:50:37
End: 5:54:28

Follow me here:
Live at: https://www.twitch.tv/zfg1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zfg111

Editor: https://twitter.com/Dry4Haz

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