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Ocarina of Time 100% No Source Requirement Speedrun in 3:09:40


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Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/zfg1

The run was mostly solid up until the end then I made some dumb mistakes and then I almost killed the run and CLUTCHED it.

"What is No Source Requirement?" - In normal 100% there are certain rules for collecting items such as you must collect every gold skulltula rather than just duping them all, same for heart pieces. You must also collect the "real" version of every item so you cant just RBA stuff and say you have it. You're also required to beat all dungeons and defeat ganon. In this category, the rules are just "have a full inventory when the credits start" which means you can dupe whatever you want, rba everything, skip dungeons (by rbaing medallions/stones) and wrong warp to the credits.

I'm doing this on the gamecube version because this version can dupe gs/hps in lost woods more than double the amount that the other versions can handle which helps a bunch.

Even though I dupe a bunch of HPs/GSs, there's still some that are so fast to get that its worth getting them than duping more, which is why I'm still picking some stuff up.

This is the same category as my old "glitched 100%" run from a while ago, just renamed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCgblLcb9qA The deku nut upgrade issue from this run as also been solved by beating forest temple as child.

The strawpoll and glitchy screenshots mentioned at the end of the video http://imgur.com/a/MO4Dc http://www.strawpoll.me/11534584

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