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Obduction Speedrun/Walkthrough in 1:15:08 - All Trees WR

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Obduction is really bad and I will explain why during its many long loading screens. I probably won't return to this game until there's a load remover, and maybe not even then.

The speed glitch works because there are three different buttons that make you go forward (W, up arrow, and left thumbstick on controller) and they add together for some reason. Strafing sideways adds an additional 40% speed as well.

Unlike other runners, I consider the "ending" where you are killed by the WMD to not be an ending to the game; instead, I see that as the game's one and only failure state. As such I personally consider this to be the any% WR, but I understand why others instead call this the "All Trees" WR and will follow that convention until whatever community builds up around this game decides differently.

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