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NEW WR! Super Mario Odyssey Any% Speedrun in 1:00:11 (February 11th / 2019)

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SUB 1 IS COMING! Catch these runs and more live at: https://www.twitch.tv/nicroveda (Streams almost everyday)

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicroveda
My Discord: https://discord.gg/nicroveda

*This was played on the 1.0.0 version of the game*

If you are interested in learning how to speedrun this game, have any questions about tricks, or just want to be apart of the community, join the SMO speedrunning discord here: https://discord.gg/wVJXZ9D

*** F A Q ***

Q: Why do you play in Japanese?
A: The text scrolls faster because less characters.

Q: What do you use to stream?
A: I stream on OBS https://obsproject.com/ and my capture card is an Elgato HD60 Pro.

Q: What controller do you use, and what is the best controller type for this game?
A: I use a Pro Controller. Joy-Cons are the best option for this game because they have the ability to do a downwards cappy throw mid-air which can actually save a little bit of time in certain areas. There is 1 instance I pick up my Joy-Cons in the run which is in Lake kingdom to capture the Cheep Cheep from above. It is the only part of the run where swapping controllers for 1 moon is convenient. No connection screen is required, as long as the Joy-Cons are on they work right away.

Q: How are you going out of bounds in Lake Kingdom?
A: There is a very precise spot in the wall at the corner of the hallway where if you angle yourself correctly, you can throw cappy through the wall which allows Mario to roll onto it and enter out of bounds. This route replaces the Rango boss fight triple moon.

Q: How did you not get the hard landing animation from the big drop near the end of the Wooded Kingdom?
A: If you buffer a jump (pressing the jump button slightly before hitting the ground) it cancels the animation and you are able to maintain speed.

Q: How do you roll so fast with Mario?
A: I am shaking the controller while crouching.

Q: How did you grab that moon through the cage in Metro Kingdom?
A: If you flip the controller over like a steering wheel, it can motion the scooter to tilt. Mixing this in with holding left into the cage when u go by it, puts Mario at just the right angle to touch the moon's hitbox, and skips doing it regularly with the RC car.

Q: How did you go through that wall in Sand Kingdom you cheater???
A: It is a roll cancel clip that is very frame tight and requires you to be in a specific spot to be able to clip through. (v1.0 and v1.1 exclusive trick)

Q: What is with that clip through the wall in Wooded Kingdom?
A: This is a clipping method called moon clipping. If you throw cappy slightly before grabbing the moon after a backflip into the wall, you will be able to clip out of bounds. This clipping method is also used at the end of Cascade kingdom. The Wooded Clip is much more of a time save though.

Q: What is the timer program you are using?
A: It is called LiveSplit, the best speedrunning timer app. You can download it here for PC: http://livesplit.github.io/downloads/

Q: How do you do that fast ground pound after spinning?
A: The game allows you to buffer spins during cutscenes or mid air, like during a dive animation for example (2 rotations of the stick are needed). As soon as your able to take control of Mario again he will be spinning and you will be free to ground pound boost for acceleration.

Q: How did you go through the glass in Luncheon?
A: If you place a turnip in the right spot next to the glass, by sandwiching a pan bro in between, he gets pressed up against it and when re-captured, is able to clip inside. This can save around 8 seconds if done perfect. (v1.0 and v1.1 exclusive trick)

Q: Why do you curve the frog jumps at the beginning?
A: This is called vectoring. If you hold a certain angle midair (works with Mario and other captures), you get a boost of momentum and is a small time saver.

If you have any questions about this game, or speedrunning in general, DM me on twitter, whisper me on twitch, or hmu in my discord. (All links above)

Thanks for watching! (:

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