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NEW WORLD RECORD - Pokemon FireRed Elite 4 Round 2 Speedrun in 3:32:55!

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We finally did it chat! We improved the World Record that was held by Exarion by 1:36! This run had an absolutely amazing start, a very good mid game with a great Safari Zone, a good Pokemon Mansion and Sevii Islands. On the way to Victory Road, Gary Oak tried his hardest to end the run... Then in Victory Road we only needed 1 MORE POKEMON that took way longer than it should have. The first round of the Elite Four was HORRIBLE, I had to adapt and improvise to extremely rare situations, but we managed to pull through. The Second Round of the Elite Four tried really hard to end the run, but we came out victorious. I hope you guys enjoy this run. I will do a commentary on this run soon too! Thank you so much to everything who watched, subscribed, cheered, donated, gifted subs and more. The support was overwhelming!

Oh btw, for those wondering, I split late. The timer stops the second the screen fades to black according to the rules (Timing is by RTA, where timer starts at New Game and ends when screen fades to black after Hall of Fame in game time is shown.). So if you retime it's actually a 3:32:55 :)

This is the current Speedrun World Record for Pokemon FireRed Elite 4 Round 2! Pokemon Fire Red Elite 4 Round 2 means the run ends after beating the 2nd, more difficult, round of the elite four. In order to unlock the second round you have to unlock the National Dex, which requires you to capture 60 unique Pokemon. This adds a whole new element to the run which requires on the fly adaptation and a lot of game knowledge in order to get a good time.

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