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[New World Record] Factorio "Default Settings" Speedrun in 2:35:32

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Factorio Speedrun ("default settings", aggressive aliens, random map-seed, v1.1.24) in 2:35:32 by me, AntiElitz. Please leave a like if you enjoy the run. This was the world record as of 18-Feb-2021.

➤ The game is won by launching a rocket.
➤ Only 1 player is allowed.
➤ The "Default" preset must be used in the map generator settings. Choosing a set "Map seed" is forbidden.
➤ Importing blueprints is NOT allowed. However, you may use blueprints created during the run.

➤ Why is this so much worse than the sub 2 hours runs?
This is a different category. The rules only allow default map generation presets, a random seed and aggressive aliens.
➤ Why do you start a multiplayer game, although you play alone?
The Game won't pause when you open the research tab in MP
➤ Why aren't you attacked by enemies?
I am. I just choose a map with a lot of trees to delay the first attacks. Enemy waves are starting to come in later in the run.
➤ What software do you use?
I use "OBS Studio" for recording and "LiveSplit" for the timer.
➤ What mapstring do you use?
None. It's a random map.
➤ Where are you from?
➤ Why does the ingame time differ so much from the realtime?
Some time ist lost due to lag and the timer starts when looking at the preview already.
➤ Why don't you take the ingame time than?
There are a lot of ways to abuse ingame time measurements.
➤ Is there a Savefile/Replay/Mapstring available, where I can see the finished base?
Yes, here (Factorio v1.1.24):

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