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[MKWii - TAS] Rainbow Road Lap 1 - 00:45.212

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ATTN: This is a tool-assisted run and does not count on any real rankings

Previous BKS:
By RS Extreme (me)
Time: 00:45.734
BKS cut: .522

Finally after way too many months my lap 1 has been redone. This improvement has been very needed since Reo found the new strat, which sadly didn't save .6 as he said, because it does not allow me to skip the turn through the OOB. The timesave from the new strat should be around .467 (or 28 frames). Sadly, even with improvements from the rest of my lap, sub 2:15 doesn't seem to be a reality, but I amm going for a low 2:15 instead.

I was allowed to get an earlier trick on the wavy section this time. Sadly I couldn't utilize it for the fullest because then I would hit the boost part of the wavy road at the wrong time, which would not let me get a wheelie trigger losing time overall.

Other than that I did some small improvements and a new zipper strat, which is the fastest known for now.

This run is my most optimized to date, so leave your dissapointment for this not being a 3-lap at home.

I am using a new free editor called "Shotcut" instead of the old "Movie Maker", and it has a lot more features, so now I can place the speedometer somewhere else. At some points the editor can fell kind of wacky, and it messed up the fade in of the speedometer to a slight degree. I do not know why though.

Have a nice second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade and century *flies away*

I do not know why Youtube drops the quality of the video so drastically, but I guess I have to live with it :/

I know this is the second time I have a song from Noisecontrollers in my video in a row, but I am planning something else for 3 lap (either glitch or no-glitch idk).

Noisecontrollers - Escape

Original lyrics:
Pet Shop Boys - Numb

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