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[MKWii TAS] GCN Waluigi Stadium (Glitch) - 49.779

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TAS run by Marth and Monster
TAS BKT Cut: 0.755s
Previous BKT: 50.534 by Rocky (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ3CiYnpo2Q)

Thanks to Marth who found 2 frames of improvement on the last turn on lap3!
Marth's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClkb9VBvCEq3SMxE9HKS2kA

Now that we can use wii wheel inputs which allow for a wider input range than a gc controller or nunchuck for TASing (thanks to Stebler), I thought some tracks could be pushed to their theoretical limit limits even further, and this is one of them. The main benefit from the wider range of inputs is in the air, for this track especially during the setup for the horizontal wall glitch since I can tilt the stick full down and full left.
The time save mainly comes from further optimizations around the horizontal wall glitch with the wii wheel inputs (about 0.1 seconds per lap). And the new strat after the zipper glitch, where I do a wheelie to take a tight line instead of drifting and charging a mini-turbo, saves 2-3 frames. Also the ending hop may seem slow, but when the boost runs out the rate of deceleration is the same whether doing a wheelie or not (3.0 pixels/frame for both) so I can get the exact same time as if I kept doing a wheelie.


Music: The Midnight Carnival (remixed by Stone McKnuckle)

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