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[MKW Prelim TAS] Coconut Mall (No Ultra) Lap 1 - 30.400

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This is a tool-assisted speedrun. This time will not count on any real-time rankings. Done on Dolphin 5.0 with savestates, slowdown, frame advance, and RAM watch.

TAS BKS Cut: -1.299
Previous BKS by Estaloy

Pretty good start, but definitely improvable. Luke says the banister tricks can be improved, and overall, the lap 1 strat is still too new for us to really know what's optimal. Further, we can't really give a goal for a finishing time since the strats for laps 2 and 3 may be drastically different from lap 1. Since Luke is redoing the banister tricks for No Glitch anyway, I'll work on improvements once he does that. For now though, I''ll just be testing the optimal path to take on lap 2 and lap 3.

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