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Minecraft 1.17 Set-Seed Glitchless in 98.733s [TAS]

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I'm not doing the pearl thing, I'll leave that to Technes.

98.713 seconds
Version: 1.17/1.16.1
Seed: [-3294725893620991126]
Savestates: 6
Rerecords: 4
Time Spent: 8 Hours
Tickrate: 1 Chest Loot - 5 Houses - 1 Portal - 10 Nether - 1 Nether Portal - 10 Stronghold - 20 End
Overworld - 24.050s
Overworld Portal - 500ms
Nether - 29.216s
Nether Portal - 750ms
Stronghold - 1.117s
End - 44.333s

Intro: 0:00
Start: 0:18
1st Chest Exit: 0:19
Overworld Portal: 0:35
2nd Chest Exit: 0:38
Nether Enter: 0:42
Nether Portal: 1:05
Stronghold Enter: 1:11
End Enter: 1:12
Perch: 1:35
1st Bed: 1:43
Exit End: 1:57

Q: Did the dragon teleport or something, how did it move to the node so fast.
A: hehe, anyway it's definitely a lot more realistic than the "TAS" spawn perch.

Q: Title says 98.733 but intro says 98.783
A: ok and

Q: This seed is ResidentSleeper
A: Yea

Q: TAS is out for 1.17?
A: Not officially (There are currently beta versions at the time this video is released), but I just simply converted a 1.17 world into 1.16 since they used the same generation for the most part.

Q: Music?
A: At the bottom of the description.

Q: You got 2 cobblestone going into the portal but how did you get 4 when you entered the nether?
A: The 3rd-4th cobblestone went into the nether portal which made it look like I magically just got 4, but instead it was inaudibly picked up in the nether portal.

Q: How did both portals light, you don't have a flint and steel?
A: I used the lava for the first portal to burn the wood and light the portal. The nether portal was "shot" by a ghast and lit the portal.

Q: If a ghast shot the portal, how come there was no extra fire or explosion?
A: yes

Q: Obviously Set Seed wtf
A: my bad

Q: Where burbger?
A: I'm not sure Joaqie

Music by Toby Fox
Cover by NateWantsToBattle
Battle Against A True Hero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-Z7_ynvPxk
I stream: twitch.tv/HanabiYaki

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