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Mario Kart Wii Mirror Mode 32 Track Speedrun in 1:00:27.047 - Commentated

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Time for more speedruns! This time we're doing a Mirror Mode 32 track speedrun. Those of you who have been around the channel for a long time know I only briefly started a series called the Mirror Mode Time Trial Challenge series.

With the wonderful help of Atlas, Atlas was able to create a custom distribution to be able to do Mirror Mode time trials, as well as mirroring ghost data inputs to allow 150cc ghosts play correctly on Mirror Mode to race them. I created the Mirror Mode Time Trial Challenge series to race an older World Record on each track, on Mirror Mode, and try to get on (what would have been) the Worldwide Top 10 of that era, only using the strategies known at the time. A very fun challenge that I never got around to continuing past the Mushroom Cup.

So, with my current plans to start up that series again soon, I thought it'd be a fun idea to just do an entire 32 track speedrun of all the tracks on Mirror Mode, combining the Online TT game mode so I could have 3 mushrooms at start and simulate a one-try time trial to practice for the series. Definitely enjoying getting back to my speedrun roots, hopefully you all enjoy some speedruns from time to time! I hope you enjoy this one, and you look forward to the return of the Mirror Mode Time Trial Challenge series.

The timing of the speedrun was done counting the in-game timer of my finishing times on all 32 tracks. Doing it by calculator converting minutes to 60 seconds and vice versa proved to be cumbersome so I added all the finishing times in Livesplit and got this time, just like I did for last month's speedrun. RTA timing is essentially useless with variable load times, especially prolonged load times with loading through Riivolution for launching the game with the Online TT mode enabled.


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