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Majora's Mask TAS Competition: Task 4

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This is the 4th task of my TAS competition. I think this one turned out pretty well! The participation was very good once again with 11 entrants and quite a bit of different strategies. I typically only go with tasks if I can think of at least 2 different, viable ways of completing it, but I was still surprised by how much variation there was.

More info on this competition can be found here http://www.speedrun.com/mm/thread/5ywn9 There was originally a ZSR forum to mirror the one for speedrun.com, but I will be phasing it out due to the unreliability of the ZSR forums (they were literally down for the entire duration of this task).

Task 4: Enter Astral Observatory from Termina Field and open the 100 rupee chest. End by voiding out. You must kill both big skulltulas. Goron Mask is banned. The balloon was not to be popped beforehand, and the wall was not to be destroyed beforehand.

Results for task 4
Name, Time [rerecords]
11. Jamz, 57.583 [351]
10. Uniburst, 44.233 [1141]
9. Bacsac4, 42.233 [2280]
8. omgatree6, 40.583 [1981]
7. 95Shade, 39.666 [1278]
6. ProbablyButter, 37.9 [4000?]
5. Jimmie1717, 35.633 [4330]
4. SmileSabitsuki, 34.45 [1042]
3. The Tas Master, 31.25 [4150]
2. Homerfunky, 30.9 [3015]
1. Eumeus14, 29.116 [2895]

These are tool-assisted, meaning savestates are used and the game is played with frame advance or slowed down with an emulator. For more info, visit http://tasvideos.org/

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