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Gothic "no major glitches" Speedrun in 33:11

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Leaderboard: https://www.speedrun.com/Gothic/#No_Major_Glitches
About this category: I also have a "glitchless" speedrun in 2:08:20. The main difference between the two runs is that this one allows story skips and AI manipulation via saving and loading. While the "glitchless" run goes through the whole storyline, this run goes straight to the ending and kills the 5 undead orcish priests in unexpected, but not directly glitched ways.

With the new orcdog kill at the third priest, I don't need to kill the golems to get their hearts and thus can save several minutes over my old time.

The highlight of this run is definitely the staff jump over the lava at 24:05.
And the lowlight is obviously failing the last priest for 3 minutes. :x
I did this in a few hours and it's mostly to show off the route.

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