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Fort Fire Bros Human Tas Demonstration [Defeat all enemies]

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Human Tas: This is a series of spliced events. All events were played in real time by me. This tas was made to prove with 4 players, it would be theoretically possible to beat faster Fort Fire Bros while defeating every enemy.

Character placement:
Mario: Bottom left, no power up, wii remote.
Luigi: Bottom right, super bell equipped, wii remote (Sometimes on gamepad however all actions can be performed on a wii remote).
Toad: Top left, no power up, gamepad.
Peach: Top right, no power up, wii remote.

During warp box transitions, time pauses in game. This is represented in the tas.
Mario 3D Worlds timer runs at about 3/4 real time. This means the 120 seconds on the clock are actually about 90 seconds real time.
I tried to sync up everything the best I could however there may be spots where it is desynced. While this may throw off the time a tad, with optimizations listed bellow, the level is more than doable.
Both Faster Fort Fire Bros (flower-4) and Fort Fire Bros (7-1) were used in the demonstration, 7-1 was only used in sections that were unchanged between the 2 levels (such as on the last clear pipe) to make set up easier.

The section with the block steppers could be done faster with more control over the game pad.
With more player bounces and fewer wall jumps, the 90 degree wall-jumping section could be faster.
If a 2nd player could keep their super leaf after the 90 degree wall-jumping section, each player could work on taking out more enemies quicker.
The box at the end could be entered quicker with a second player, rather than with Luigi.

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