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Flicky but it's Sonic in TAS

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Flicky but instead her it's Sonic in TAS. The run continues after 48th stage and ends on 96th stage. And I improved time in several stages.
#SonicHack #Flicky #Sega #TAS #ToolAssistedSpeedrun

The nefarious Dr. Robotnik has zapped Sonic the Hedgehog with a super shrinking ray! But before Sonic could reach the mustached menace, his friend Flicky called for help! Her buddies, the Chirps, are stuck in various buildings, and need to be escorted to safety. Sonic, without hesitation, offered to help Flicky’s friends. And so Sonic begins the rescue mission…

Play as Sonic the Hedgehog in this classic 1984 arcade hit!

➤ Download the Hack: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zp7jh34j1hg6scw/Sonic_in_Flicky.bin/file

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