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Facebook Inflated Viewer Counts, Am I Obligated To Speedrun? - Speedrunner Ramblings #88

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Topcis: Facebook inflated viewer counts and killed companies, Am I a perfectionist?, Do I feel obligated to speedrun?, Are my viewers my friends?, Changes to ads on Twitch, The ‘Nice Guy’ principle, Do I hate Red Dead Redemption 2?, How we deal with stutters in submitted runs, Can anyone get world record?, ”You can take a break”, Review of Breaking Bad Movie, Stopping Trolls On Twitch, Streamers not always able to be at 100%, Opinion on ‘Kill Michael’ and ‘Kill Trevor’ Ending, Why I Don’t Play More GTA Online

I started making political, religious and social commentary on YouTube early 2013 on a different channel. I have always had an interest in philosophy but I never pursued it at university. Instead, I completed a bachelors of social science late 2016 focusing on psychology and criminology just before I gained partner on Twitch.tv. While my focus is on streaming and speedrunning these days, I still answer questions from viewers in chat and talk about any topics that come to mind. I don’t shy away from many topics and will be open and honest about what I believe, why I believe and to what level of confidence I can hold my beliefs on any particular issue (belief meaning something I accept as likely true). I have been referred to as a ‘scuffed Destiny’ but honestly I think we differ significantly. I ask you to take these videos to be what they are, rambles. They are not meant to be video essays describing every minute detail of a topic, that is beyond my ability while I am speedrunning. I can not be as eloquent or substantive while gaming but I do try my best.

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