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DST Enraged Klaus Solo Speedrun Kill on Day 10 in 1:17:49 - Don't Starve Together - A New Reign


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Don't Starve Together's new boss - Klaus - has an enraged form that was never meant to be fought; it is grossly overpowered, exceeding even original Toadstool. Let's solo speedrun kill it!

Klaus is the new winter boss for Don't Starve Together introduced in A New Reign. You can spawn Klaus by finding his sack, which spawns randomly in either the deciduous or mosaic biomes during winter. In order to open the sack, you must find a herd of deer. If given enough time, the deer will grow antlers that'll readily fall off if you get them to run into a tree. Then just use the antler key to unlock Klaus' sack, and the fight will begin.

Klaus will lumber towards his sack with two special gem deer trailing behind him. Klaus has 10,000 health and each gem deer has 1,500 health. Klaus has a swiping melee attack and he uses his gem deer for ranged fire and ice attacks. If you defeat Klaus in this form, the life-giving amulet that hangs around his neck will resurrect him from the dead, and he's renewed and meaner than ever. He will now have a lunge attack in which he pounces great distances to smack you out.

Of course, we aren't interested in defeating Klaus' non-enraged form. We want to go against the full power of Klaus. In order to do that, we gotta kill his gem deer. He doesn't like that at all, and he balloons up to 2.7 times his size, and all of his other attributes such as health, defense, speed, attack cycle, attack power, lunge distance is all increased by this factor of 2.7.

Enraged Klaus attacks quickly, moves quickly, deals massive damage and shreds through armor like butter. Perhaps the biggest obstacle though is his combined health of 41,159 and increased armor, because that means getting through both phases is, mathematically, a task on the order of the original, unnerfed Toadstool back when the big fella had 156,500 health. In fact, it'd take Wilson 1600 swings from a dark sword in order to kill Enraged Klaus. That gives Klaus an effective health of 111,952 when you account for armor! This effective health may even exceed original Toadstool's health since there were periods when Toadstool had a 5x damage vulnerability.

How on earth are we gonna take Enraged Klaus on when he has so much health to whittle down? We will enlist the help of little bitty bees. Each bee will only do a couple of damage per sting, but when there are a few dozen stinging at once, the damage adds up quite nicely. Besides dishing out my own punishment for Klaus, it is also imperative that I retain his aggro for the duration of the fight so that the bee battalion is not diminished. If you leave the bees by themselves to do the job, Enraged Klaus will have no trouble whatsoever slicing through hundreds of the little buggers.

The 2nd phase of Enraged Klaus requires fairly simple - but also precise - dodging. The tough bit is the length. This is really a test of endurance because you will need to keep up with precise movements, one after the other, for nearly 10 straight minutes. Taking even a few seconds for a break means that your little bee companions will die.

The 3rd phase of Enraged Klaus is where the fun really begins. This is when the big bad boss introduces his pounce attack which has a ludicrous range that stretches out nearly across the entire screen. And if he catches you, he'll be sure to give an additional two quick swats, taking you down 1/3 of your health and removing some armor to boot. Things can go bad very quickly in this phase if you don't remain in control of the situation. It's easy to panic, and even a few mistakes will be the death of you.

If you manage to defeat him, your reward is a special antler key that unlocks his sack. Inside are presents containing tree ornaments and some boss loot.

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