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Doom II: Hell on Earth UV-Speed in 19:36 - World Record Speedrun 30uv1936


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Runner: Zero-Master
Date: 2016-12-08
Category: UV-Speed
Map: Movie 1-30
Source Port: Competition Doom v2.0.3.2
Time: 19:36

Map.... Time
01.... 00:06.... :)
02.... 00:39.... :|
03.... 00:33.... :(
04.... 00:27.... :)))
05.... 00:26.... :))
06.... 00:57.... :(
07.... 00:12.... :)
08.... 00:25.... :)
09.... 01:02.... :((
10.... 00:34.... :|
11.... 00:35.... :(
12.... 00:43.... :))
13.... 01:15.... :(((
14.... 00:21.... :(
15.... 00:34.... :(
31.... 00:32.... :(
16.... 00:16.... :(
17.... 01:47.... :(
18.... 00:24.... :)
19.... 00:42.... :)
20.... 00:35.... :))
21.... 00:11.... :)))
22.... 00:27.... :))
23.... 00:42.... :|
24.... 00:41.... :|
25.... 00:46.... :(
26.... 00:38.... :))
27.... 00:17.... :)))
28.... 00:42.... :))
29.... 01:35.... :(
30.... 00:32.... :)

15 second improvement over the previous record by eLim which was done a couple of months ago. Recently a new trick was discovered on map 21 (Nirvana). I don't think there has been anything else notable discovered in terms of sequence breaks in the last decade for Doom 2. I wouldn't expect anything new to be found for this game at this point though, the new trick can be seen at 14:16.

Map 04 and 20 matched my best ever time from practice.

Map 12, 21 and 27 were also very good (usually quite luck based).

Biggest timeloss on map 13, second biggest timeloss on map 09, got blocked by monsters on both maps. I don't often get blocked on those places, so a bit unfortunate.

Failed the jump on map 22, costs a few seconds, instant glide was very lucky so it evens out. No other major timeloss I think, just lots of smaller stuff all over the place, that's to be expected, but maybe a bit more problems than usual with my movement in some areas.

Goal is to get under 19:30, so not quite done with this yet.

Q: How do you go through gaps in the wall like map 02, 16, 19, 21 and 22 ?
A: This is called a glide, you can go through a gap that is 32 units or larger. If you try yourself to do a glide it's unlikely you'll achieve it by simply trying to walk through yourself without having read some sort of guide on this particular trick.

Q: Are you using any modified version of Doom?
A: No, I don't use any modified WADs. for Doom 2 I use the DOOM2.WAD, which you can now buy on Steam. You can download the demo file (.lmp) and play it using your own copy of the original WAD (DOOM2.WAD), if any modified version was used the demo would have to desync when you play it. Keep in mind that the Doom BFG edition WAD's for Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 are modified, so avoid using those.

Q: Where can I find the demo (.lmp)?
A: All my demos are here: http://doomedsda.us/player508lmps.html

Q: Are you using any tools etc?
No tools are used, the demo\recording are done in a sourceport called Competition Doom which I use because it's very close to the original dos version, the video is made by playing the demo in prboom-plus sourceport as it has a lot of features like uncapped framerate.

Q: I have seen a video of this speedrun faster by several minutes.
A: There are many Tool-assisted speedruns (TAS) for doom which are significantly faster. It is possible to make a frame by frame demo which greatly reduces the time, even for single level runs it's impossible to get close to a TAS.

Q: What is UV-Speed?
A: UV stands for Ultraviolence, which is the 4th difficulty of doom, and which is most commonly used for speedrunning. Speed (aka "any%" for other games) is the category where the objective is to finish the level as quickly as possible, in the case of a movie\d2all\single segment run the objective is to start at map 01 and finish map 30, that means that map 31 and map 32 are optional.

There are many other categories, for example UV-Max requires 100% secrets and 100% kills when possible (and also map 31-32 in a full run). Another difficulty sometimes used is Nightmare, which is a lot more difficult and therefore not so common.

The nightmare difficulty record can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FleRgH2NaQ

Q: Why did you skip map 32?
A: In the case for Doom 2 it is faster to do map 31 than to do map 15 normally, map 32 is skipped because it does not save time.

More info about doom speedrunning categories can be found here: http://doom.com.hr/?page=compet-n_rules

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