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Doom II: Hell on Earth - Nightmare! 100% Secrets Speedrun in 43:55

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Runner: Zero-Master
Date: 2020-11-17
IWAD: Doom2.wad
Category: NM100S
Map: D2All (Map 1-30)
Source Port (Demo): Crispy Doom v5.9.2
Source Port (Video): prboom-plus-
Time: 43:55

Map - Time - 30ns4626
01 - 0m43s -3 :)
02 - 0m57s +1 :|
03 - 0m31s -6 :))
04 - 0m41s -2 :)
05 - 1m16s +5 :|
06 - 1m09s -10 :))
07 - 0m19s -7 :))
08 - 1m30s -4 :)
09 - 2m12s +5 :|
10 - 2m19s +1 :|
11 - 1m11s -5 :)
12 - 1m49s +10 :((
13 - 2m34s -10 :)
14 - 0m26s +2 :)
15 - 5m09s -36 :((( (still horrible)
31 - 1m05s -3 :)
32 - 0m29s -4 :)
16 - 0m46s +0 :(
17 - 2m00s +0 :|
18 - 1m15s -14 :))
19 - 1m40s -20 :))
20 - 1m26s -1 :)
21 - 0m31s +0 :)
22 - 0m42s +9 :(
23 - 1m16s +18 :((
24 - 2m25s -16 :(( (also still really bad)
25 - 1m03s -6 :))
26 - 0m54s -1 :)
27 - 1m52s -40 :))
28 - 1m21s -5 :)
29 - 1m47s -1 :)
30 - 0m37s -8 :)
Total: -2:31

2 minute and 31 second improvement over my previous record. Would have done this sooner if I didn't get unlucky and die on map 30 and twice at the end of 29 :)

Some map comments:
Map 02:
Almost believed that one barrel was indestructible... had to check.

Map 03:
Highest amount of health and armor I ever managed to leave this level with during these attempts.

Map 04:
This and the next level heavily depends on your health from map 03, if it's under 100 then you'll most likely die. Easy to skip the last secret after red key, happened once even though I knew about it.

Map 05:
Hardest level after map01, never know when you take a large burst of damage all of the sudden.

Map 07:
Need to remember to bump the exit edge as you skip the secret with the rockte jump.

Map 09:
3rd hardest level in the run, the BFG secret can be very annoying to get because of the high damage roll projectiles from so many monsters around. Gotten stuck in the acid as well because I failed the jump like I did here.

Usually getting yellow key is fine, but the pinkies can get to you.. the next secret though is awful if you don't land your BFG's correctly, this time it went rather poorly but I didn't take too much damage... until I left and enter blue key room and got stuck in some corner by the stairs.

Map 12:
I never died on this level, but I had several close calls. Surprisingly it's after going through the teleporter the second time as you might get killed by arachnotrons. Somehow missed one of the switches here in the cacodemon room, pressed use a tic too early.

Map 15:
Includes 100% secrets, unfortunately at the cost of about 2 minutes, 1 of those because the pain elemental was messing around. Lost several attempts here to the pain elemental not showing up, once he even managed to go to the outside area instead. A couple of times I've been shot into the teleporter by some respawned shotgunner.

Map 16:
I didn't hear the first secret open when I was recording this in crispy doom, so I shot it a few extra times before I realised the first one probably did open it.

Map 17:
Died several times during my attempts here, quite annoying as it's not really that difficult. Each time it was after the yellow key bars. If I ever do this again I will just jump straight down to the acid whenever I'm low on health.

Map 18:
The first time I did this run I found some rather obvious route improvements to this level, apparently there was an even better route I missed.

Map 22:
Should have gone a bit faster with the health I had. I knew it was possible to skip the last secret here, of course I had 1 attempt where I backed up a bit and managed to do it.

Map 23:
MB50 SL40 instead of MB50 SL50 as the initial movement tic means I failed this linedef skip. Usually it's very easy to get this because I press ASF which are all on the same row on my keyboard instead of something like WAF for map07, so hitting the keys at the same time should never be a problem here, at least it didn't happen on map 24. So no barrel wallrun, loses quite a bit of time having to do it the normal way.

Map 24:
Awful, got distracted too much by that lost soul at the invulnerability so I have to take the elevator of shame. I had one decent attempt where I figured I'd "take it safe" and walk across the ledges to the exit.. never again, the wallrun isn't even that hard.

Map 29:
No secrets to get, 2 attempts wasted because of bad damage rolls at the end. Once I was scratched by the baron for 80 damage after the rocket jump just before entering the teleporter, didn't stand a chance. Another attempt I had about 50/50 health/armor after the teleporter and I just got murdered on my way up. Took things a bit safe this time to make sure I had as much health as possible.

Map 30:
Didn't move far enough back on the elevator, and on nightmare I get constantly hit by projectiles so it was difficult to adjust, 5 seconds lost, still a 1 cycle though.

Thanks for watching!

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