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[Doom 25th] Ultimate Doom Episode 1 UV-Fast Speedrun in 21:42

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Doom 25th birthday Congratulations!
Ultimate Doom Episode 1 my play video. This is a new Compet-N record which means a official world record.

Game: Ultimate Doom
IWAD: Doom
Skill: Ultra-Violence
Time: 21:42
Episode: 1 (E1M1-E1M9)
Name: Knee-Deep in the Dead
Category: UV-Fast

E1M1 - 0:40
E1M2 - 2:01
E1M3 - 3:15
E1M9 - 2:49
E1M4 - 2:21
E1M5 - 3:15
E1M6 - 4:04
E1M7 - 3:17
E1M8 - 1:40 [Excluded]
ToTal Time : 00:21:42

I thought first that I still had a little health to spare even if it was on fast monsters because episode 1 had many soul spheres and armors in the secrets. It was absolutely wrong. Episode 1 with fast monsters was still pretty hard. One mistake leaded to death easily, so I was not able to use agressive strategy unlike a single level run. I always had to think maintaining health and armor for next maps. Improving an old record by over 3 min was great.

E1M1: It was suddenly hard to survive. Shotgunners always annoyed me, so I picked up a green armor for survival with losting a few seconds. I did not care much about this map's time because there were a lot of rooms to improve in the later maps.

E1M2: Only a easy map in ep1 on -fast. An imp in a small room where there was a shot gun usually cooperated me because it rarely got off an elevator. The elevator's timing was also bad in this run, but under 2 min should be always taken.

E1M3: The beginning part was hard, so I could not be careless until I picked up a soul sphere. I changed a route which was not entering to a secret exit after picking up a RL because you must go to the secret exit in a max movie, so accessing the secret exit twice seemed to be a little inefficient. Moreover, it was risky on -fast to jump to a narrow walkway with many enemies from a secret near the exit.

E1M9: This map had too many demons, but some rockets from E1M3 helped me. I usually managed to get around 3 min, so 2:49 was a good one.

E1M4: The strategy was so-so... I could not think of anything better one. Of course, I did not want to receive suicidal blast damage in narrow and intricate passages after a blue key's door.

E1M5: It was ugly and very improvable one. Especially, it was ineffective to deal with enemies under an elevator in front of the yellow key's door.

E1M6: This was hard map, so I used some safe strategies, for example not avoiding to close the red key's room and unreleasing all enemies at once in the exit area. Certainly they were improvable points, but faster ways would be so dangeous. I would polish route in other maps before changing this map's route. 4:04 was very nice, because it was not far from the UV-Fast record of this map.

E1M7: The beginning was very hard, so I maintained enough health and armor when I started this map. 3:17 was still slow. This map was also enough improvable, but missing kills 100% would be easer. I actually ruined some movies by missing an enemy in this map.

E1M8: Just for survive, so this was nothing special. I should practice a jump to a teleport after killing baron at least.

The episode times exclude the ExM8 time because a result screen does not appear in original doom exe. Certainly you can know the time now for a source port like prboom, but all episode records in Compet-N must be invalid if a new rule is applied. This rule therefore would not be revised.

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