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Destiny 2 - Leviathan Speedrun World Record (19:14)

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We did it!

Gauntlet - We always miss the second and fourth gates purposely to speed up the running. At the final part, we have two people walking backwards and one person walking forwards. One of them will grab an orb at the 3rd gate and the other at the 4th. The person going forward will grab orbs at the 1st and 2nd gates. When the 4th orb is picked up, the people waiting at the finish line can proceed.

Dogs - New strat is to go for the 12 stack kill as opposed to the 24 stack. It's a bit riskier but overall faster. We always go for either L1 or R1 and then immediately aggro the dogs so that they're in position as well all run to our positions.

Baths - Nothing too different here, main thing is using the Sunbreaker supers on the lamps. The exploding hammers (top tree) absolutely destroy the lamps.

Calus - 3/3 split is better for speedruns than 4/2. The main advantage of 4/2 is the increased skull spawn rate but at the cost of seconds of time waiting for the extra orbs in the Void to disappear. Thing is, you can still get the increased skull spawn by having the people in Throne suicide and with 3/3 you can avoid those seconds of time loss. Other than that, it's just your standard Calus bake.

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Team: Ouch MS, Its Wami, Mighty Edwinn, EenMark, Cruelty It
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/OuchMS
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ouchmyscapula

Extra information: The shader on my Manannan is Calus's Treasured, we hate Eververse and Nightfall timers, Curtain Call is better than Sins of the Past, and my other gun is the Better Devils.

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