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Black Ops 2 Zombies Origins Solo Easter Egg Speedrun For Sub 1:20:xx | BO2 Zombies "Origins"


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About Me:
My name is Peter or jedixking98 (jedi, jedi king, etc. whatever you prefer). I create content based around me playing video games. I am mainly a Call of Duty Zombies YouTuber and because of that, on my channel you will find several videos of Zombies gameplay. I upload Easter Egg Guides, Solo Strategies for maps, gameplay on new zombies maps when they come out, and custom challenges for any Zombies map. Along with my uploaded videos I live stream on a regular basis. I stream every day except for Wednesday and Friday unless I am free on those days, which you will be able to know if you follow me on Twitter. My streams consist of challenges on maps, high round gameplays, easter eggs, and open lobby games with fans. I stream on both YouTube and Twitch so you can watch on your preferred platform. I hope you enjoy my content and I hope you will stick around to watch it in the future. Thank you very much for your time!

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