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American Dad Speedrun Xbox 360 New Record (Any%) New Flag Scene Glitch! Explanation in Description

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Here it is, the best legitimate Xbox 360 speedrun of American Dad.
speedrun starts at 1:22

-to start, double dash to the left as Stan is jumping out of bed (hit left on movement joystick 4 times) while pressing the button combination for the floor phase glitch (spamming A and B). If done correctly Stan will fly straight out of his window skipping the window scene, kitchen scene and newspaper scene. Next, as stan is jumping into the car you need to press Y+A (at the same time) then Y then A (one frame after another) This combination can also be done in the bedroom scene before Stan exits the window, I dub this the "pre-charged car skip" which is what i did in this video. If the "pre-charge" is done then you only need to spam A as Stan jumps into the car. This will load the scene where Stan is driving up to the CIA building with the camera still focused on the car. Next, after Stan is ready to exit the car you need to do what I call a half dash (there may already be a name for this) which is done by pushing on the joystick in the opposite direction of where you are going then down then in the direction you are going in a swooping motion while pressing the combination of A A+B B A A+B. This will give you the last amount of speed needed to get stuck in the still loading invisible wall. All you have to do from there is spam A to jump and slowly climb the wall to the flag which loads the final flag scene.

If you want to practice this yourself I recommend doing the glitches from the last video first. It can get very confusing trying to do this combination first and the last video's glitches will help you build up the muscle memory required for this run so you don't end up with the worst speedrun ever.

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