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American Dad Any% Speedrun: NEW GLITCH DISCOVERED! ~ Window Clip (Xbox 360) || 00:15:65

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The Xbox 360 version of American Dad is rather notorious for being unfriendly to speedrunners, as you can see by the console crash in my video. However, upon practicing a speedrun, I wondered what would happen if I skipped the floor clip and newspaper skip and tried a new route.

That's when I discovered a brand new glitch that bypasses both the family hug segment AND newspaper segment, shaving off half the time of the original intro.

When you are prompted to open the window as Stan, the game expects the player to only press it once, then the prompt goes away. This is to prevent the player from going anywhere outside the proximity of the window area, as a cutscene triggers ("I've got a feeling that it's gonna be a wonderful day!") and doesn't allow the player to control Stan at all. If the player were to see what was outside of the window zone, it would crash the game, as everything needs to be rendered to perfectly in frame to produce the highest graphical fidelity. The engine of the Xbox 360 version is highly unstable compared to the PS2, GameCube, and Wii versions of the game, so rendering takes a lot more time.

Anyways, the player needs to open the window, as usual, but cancel out exactly 4 frames after by pressing the B button, and mashing A exactly 11 times. The programmers didn't take into account that the player does not know how to cancel out of events at this point in the game, so this was a simple oversight.

Stan will build up so much momentum from window cancelling that he will launch himself completely out of the window and directly into the car. This is where it gets dangerous. The game thinks, because Stan is outside, he is supposed to have his clothes on, so the game gives him clothes, which take up much of the game's resources due to the advanced cloth physics. Not only this, however, the game isn't supposed to be rendering the area outside of Stan's house, so you will see a hefty amount of lag.

If the player doesn't pause the game, the world will not have enough time to load in its resources, and thus, the engine will be overwhelmed and crash. However, there is a way to prevent this. If the player presses A EXACTLY 12 times (including the first one before the cancel) and pauses the game when Stan lands in the driver's seat, the game will have enough time to load in its resources, as the player isn't allowed to pause anywhere outside (seriously don't know where the developers were thinking)

If you can pull off this exact succession of inputs, congrats! You have performed the effective (albeit dangerous) window clip of American Dad's intro. The resulting momentum of Stan launching out of his window will cause him to increase the driving speed by exactly 1.5 times. This glitch is the gift that keeps on giving!

I'm so glad to have found a new breakthrough in American Dad! XB360 speedrunning and I'm so glad to be a part of this community. Please update me if you have any new breakthroughs with this glitch.

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