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10 Minecraft Speedruns You NEED To See


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Minecraft is a game that encourages players to take their time, explore, and really experience various worlds. That hasn’t stopped players from attempting speed run records in all different versions of the game. A Minecraft speed run can be done in the traditional version of the game or through one or many custom map designs.

The basic Minecraft speed run is completing the game with any percentage of accomplishments. This was done in mere minutes by a player who was able to build a portal and defeat the ender dragon. A number of other players chose to play custom maps and get speed runs records. The Parkour challenge is a crazy speed run that features multiple jumps, twists, and challenges along the way. The dropper is a unique speed run that has players navigate through worlds that they drop down into. The Wood Mansion is scary enough to explore, but some players have attempted speed runs that includes no weapons or armor as they go through. The custom world Infernal Sky II includes some crazy sections and a ton of areas to explore. All of that is skipped as players try to reach the end goal as quickly as possible. This is similar to the Continents 2 world, a highly detailed world where players must collect items and defeat enemies to reach the altar at the end. Super Mario Rainbow road takes the classic Mario Kart world to all new levels with a course that takes over 30 minutes to complete. Meanwhile, the Sonic the Hedgehog speed run is completed in less than two minutes.

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